Lasker Pool

Lasker Pool
Central Park, summer 2011

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Henceforth, Your Name Is...

Seth has decided that he no longer wants to be called Seth.
Instead, he'd like us all to refer to him as TJ.
A couple of days ago, Seth (you notice I'm still calling him that) asked my hub how he could go about changing his name.
When he learned he'd have to wait until he was a legal adult, then go to court to request the change, he was not deterred.
Instead, Seth (that name again) asked if we could go to court and make the request for him.
I have no idea why he wants to be called TJ, and when asked, my skinny little guy has no answer.
He simply launches into his astonishingly good robot dance moves, grooving to the beat in his head and rapping.
"Call me TJ, Call me TJ, man."
TJ it is.

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