Lasker Pool

Lasker Pool
Central Park, summer 2011

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Discovering Tuna Fish

Sadly, my kids are picky eaters. I'm fairly sure it's a genetic trait, passed on by my husband--who douses everything with hot sauce and has a repertoire of about 15 foods that he'll eat.
Many of them are carb-laden: bagels, rolls, baguettes, pizza.
You get the drift.
So Mick called me at work the other day with some exciting news:
"You'll never guess what Seth and Kyle ate for lunch today."
"Okay, big guy, shock me," I replied.
"Tuna fish!"
The mind reeled.
Previously, my children have recoiled in horror at the very sight of canned tuna (though Kyle did go through a brief but obsessive toddler stint of eating sushi).
Ah, but this was special tuna.
$9.99 a can tuna from Spain, packed in extra virgin olive oil.
The boys went tuna-wild, chomping down two whole cans of the pricey seafood on toast points and begging for more.
So, the good news is that tuna is now on our menu regularly.
The bad? It's the priciest tuna in town.

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