Lasker Pool

Lasker Pool
Central Park, summer 2011

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Foodie

While Kyle and Jesse are pretty well diet-restricted by choice (Jesse is on the all-white-food, all-the-time plan, while Kyle sticks with smoothies and pizza), Seth, thank goodness, is at least a wee bit adventurous when it comes to culinary choices. Today, he ordered a green salad (!) for lunch.
Then, we stopped by the local farmer's market, which offers pretty slim pickings in late January. And he fell in love with the smoked duck breast that was being sampled by an upstate farm. He gobbled down 1,2,3...6 samples of the smoky, fatty stuff, turned to me beaming, and said "Mom, it's great! Can we get some?"
Fifteen dollars later, we brought home a (very) small package of the duck breast, which Seth singlehandedly plowed through at dinner.
My foodie in the making. I'm so proud. Now if I can only wean him from the GoGurts and chicken fingers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nerves Wracked

My oldest child, Kyle, is a bit of a worrywart. He comes by it honestly, what with the worrywart prevalence on both my side of the family and my husband's. Last night, he saw a blip on TV about Alzheimer's Disease. Here, the conversation that followed:
Kyle: "Mom, what's Alzheimers?"
Me (mostly ignoring him because I am trying to type up his realistic-fiction story for school) : "It's a condition where you lose your memory."
Kyle (eyes wide): "Am I going to get Alzheimer's?"
Me: "It happens mostly to elderly people."
Kyle: "What if I get Alzheimer's when I'm older? I don't want to get Alzheimer's!"
Me: "Honey, by the time you're old, there will be a cure for Alzheimer's."
Kyle: "But then I might have to get a shot for it!"
Me: big sigh.