Lasker Pool

Lasker Pool
Central Park, summer 2011

Saturday, January 31, 2009

That's Entertainment?

I love taking the boys to the movies. We make popcorn at home and sneak in big bags of it, along with sandwiches and assorted treats. The lights go down and one or more climbs onto my lap for an hour-plus snuggle.
And now, we've reached a movie milestone. For the first time in oh, nine years or so, we're watching at least the occasional movie that doesn't inevitably star an animated mouse, dinosaur or dragon.
Think of the possibilities.
Nonstop Adam Sandler.
Kids who fall in like with each other while they heroically rescue dogs. Dozens of them (dogs, that is).
Endless loops of Paul Blart, Mall Cop.
Oh. That.
I know it will likely be years until family movie dates mean flicks that Mom actually likes. Something with real humor, political underpinnings, a deep message that speaks to the humanity in us all. Or just a logical through line.
But it's getting better. I think my boys might actually be too mature for Space Chimps. But Mall Cop is right up their alley.
And so, for now, it's up mine as well.

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  1. oh lord. we're still in the cartoon mouse era. which, fortunately, i find reasonably entertaining. but, oddly, henry has a like for oldies...he likes singing in the rain, on the town, an american in paris, west side story....all things we have gotten by him because his former sitter was a dancer and taught him to love dancing. so life isn't tortuous...yet. but mall cop? oy. i don't know WHAT i'll do. p.s. we brought henry to a really cool mini-version of cirque du soleil today and he was totally into was so fun to bring him to something like that and have him enjoy it.